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          收到鲍尔大学教师 博士s from MIT, Kellogg School of 管理 at Northwestern University, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Stanford, London School of Economics, University of Michigan, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, University of Texas at Austin, Cornell and many other prestigious universities. They have previously served on faculties at Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Dartmouth, University of Michigan, University of Illinois, University of California-Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Georgia, UT-Austin, Texas A&M, Southern Methodist University, Ohio State University, Northwestern University and other well-known universities. Still others are former senior management executives in the industries students aspire to, offering a powerful blend of real-world experience, grounded in the knowledge of the latest research.

          Research & Scholarship




          鲍尔的财务部门,被排名第8的美国教职员研究生产力。它在海湾地区全在得克萨斯州在最近的排名#1和#2 财务管理 排名基于教师研究调查。 ESTA研究调查了1000个财政部门全世界范围内,因此整体排名第45看跌期权在世界排名前5%的财务部门。


          Faculty from the Department of Decision & Information Sciences have distinguished themselves in several ways: The Management Information Systems area has been ranked #1 in research productivity among IS departments on the Gulf Coast and #17 in the world, with Professor Wynne Chin recognized as one of the world’s top five human computer interaction researchers and other faculty cited for their research impact. The Supply Chain 管理 sector of 圆盘 boasts faculty who have helped the school become known as one of only a handful of 我们。 schools known for comprehensive supply chain education.


          鲍尔的管理部门是一个只有五分之一 我们。 与多所学校 管理学会杂志 名人堂成员。库伦讲座教授 约翰Ivancevich 是名气成员的排名第一的大厅,贝克休斯教授 罗伯特·凯勒 另外,33人在世界上的一个aomj选择名人堂。其他服务在发布角色和在各自领域的顶级期刊的编委会。



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